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Engineering students are species commonly prone to distress and lack of confidence due to frequent arrears and year backs.They are in dire need of proper guidance more than any tuitions.We at MAME engineering tuition give them the required torgue to balance their technical career.
But Parents/students plz.Read this page thoroughly before calling me.

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Tired of going far places in search of finding the best tutors for Engineering mathematics.Save money,save time ,save energy to learn maths from basic to perfection.Now vtu/Autonomous students can learn engineering mathematics at their convenience @ Home with basics to perfection.Learn face to face with Mudassir Sir.

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Search for qualified engineering tutors in Bangalore based on subject specialization experience and syllabus.Find the contact Numbers of  tutors free without hasle.Directly communicate with the tutor about fees and set your preferred rate and location.Select your favourite tutor and get start your childs journey towards the academic targets.

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Must read for parents/students.Knowledgeable articles by Mudassir Sir to boost your cognitive process and to guide you to an college aspiring engineering students.Read about college life,Clearing arrears,How to score in engineering exams,Neoro linguistic programming for students,Advanced learning nad lot more

Engineering tuitions in Bangalore:VTU Autonomous

Hello parents! And Hey You? My dear students.Hey freshers.Got a seat in your favorite engineering college and desired Btech course..Your friend Mudassir Shaikh from MAME engineering tuitions in Jayanagar Bangalore, congratulate you upon your choice of profession.Of course an opportunity and a great chance in long run.Now join me play the tunes of engineering which plays the world today.

vtu engineering tuitions in Bangalore for btech
It is starting now.I can feel the excitement,the B.technical rhythms of your heart beat,the heat in your nerves.Your guts on backfire and whrooooooooooom.The power to convert any force into torque and…####@@@**** ho gaya na short circuit?

Now relax and breath deeply…. breath Techno.And believe me engineering rules the world with their service.And you undergraduate came here to this field not by force.But by your own conscious decision which can lead you to better self realization.

Being a lecturer,From my years of experience in technical education and tutoring engineering students in Bangalore .I have seen that most young men and women contain no adequate idea of what the engineering profession really about.Most of them who attend the tutorials classes and online tutoring come simply for the sake of their parents.They lose interest and are depressed and exhausted fighting their battle to complete the B.Tech degree.As a matter of fact ,Do you know that out of a freshman class of a hundred students, on an average only forty graduate?.While sixty drop out for one reason or another?

Thinking technical education-Why chose engineering ?

Resolve that you are in the game to the end, and that you will not quit.
You are on the doorsteps of a course so laborious and demanding that success.On the contrary such pedagogy calls for every fiber of manliness you possess.Nevertheless you are, therefore, a body of picked men and women. Each one of whom has the rare opportunity of completing the course and of taking up the practice of the most admired of the professions that of the Engineer.

It is not child’s play or boy’s work.
No mollycoddles may hope to prosper here.
So Stop blaming your parents, your relatives, for forcing you to do it.And as for now plz stop thinking about the jobs ,useful education,high payrolls,a good calling for making a better living.Or for the mere sake of which you prefer doing it…
The truth is you have not chosen engineering. “ENGINEERING HAS CHOSEN YOU.” And now you are tied to it.

Again think about your heartfelt admiration in a profession of never ending progress.Imagine its beauty,the passion for science and mathematics,the motors,the rotors,electricity demystified,all mechanics and laws classified,the processors and the chips,the dynamics of machines,the projections of the future.Nevertheless the elasticity and strengths,turbulence and the flow,circuits and signals,all the circuitry + chemistry needs to be explained

To emphasize,It will be the birth of Science in you.I think Iam getting too exaggerated.Lets return back to the point as to why you are here on my Page for VTU engineering tuitions in Bangalore.That’s what you people searching right.?

Well I do conduct BE Btech coaching classes in Bangalore and Iam totally not into this concept of tuition.I do not hesitate to tell you frankly that I don’t appreciate Tuition or the vitamin T factor.All the various factors have established T tonic as a custom in our community.And in compliance with this custom I too become a part of this from the past 15 years.In this overriding age of competence especially in metro cities like Bangalore,students need a regular vitamin T supply.Few years back 10th to 12 th class kids only need to have coaching.Many parents also opt for home tuitions with high tuition fees.Furthermore now I receive on an average around 200-300/mo calls and requests from parents and students.

I don’t want to say much about my teaching style and methods.After all I need to portray myself more than a lecturer Iam a good friend to my fellow students.I try to understand their thinking processes to yield different ideas and methods for creating effective and creative mentor- learning experiences as well as insights for applying the results to my classroom coaching class practice .Come !!!! experience the difference Yourselves.Or read more about Mudassir Sir your B.Tech tutor.

On the contrary,First year engineering vtu students lack in understanding the profession and its importance.On the other hand the lecturers also pay less importance on these lines to impart the necessary information.However, first year college experiences often involve theoretical study and didactic, ‘follow the procedures’, laboratories.Regardless there lies an increasing evidence of a gap between student expectation and experience of engine-ring program-mes.Leading to student disengagement, lack of focus and retention.There is an ever-changing student intake with a more diverse backgrounds from both rural and urban areas. Both these categories need support and guidance, especially in their first year.

Difficulties in first year and the need for B.Tech Tuition

  • Gambling , smoking , porn, sex ,women and drug abuse reveals a pauper mind and a dull brain.Modern age adolescence are emotionally unstable and highly sexually active and they readily give away themselves under peer pressure and the media.With the lack of sex education in our home ,schools and advent of western culture.Our young pulses and minds when unable to find interest, excitement and pleasure in the wholesome college campus and studies easily get demoralized by bad methods.A moral mentoring demands.
  • Lack of proper text books and study materials.In particular human nature goes for abundance in material form and in diminutive when it comes to seeking knowledge.There are many textbooks and question banks available in the market wrongly written ,interrupted by lengthy equations & derivations.Some are written well so to make the matter short and concise.Such materials results lowering the logical thinking of the pupil.
  • As a matter of fact many children are not taught about ethical matters both in school and homes.I once remember counselling a student from a very rich family background about his studies..In reply I got the answer as ..Baap ke paas bohat paisa hai ..pad ke kya karege(What,s the use of education ,when my Dad has enough money.). Disrespect to teachers and instructors also lead to grudge among-st each other which no matter what becomes obstacles for further years of engineering.
  • The backbone of the engineer is mathematics and from beginning pupil perceive it to be boring and difficult There is a huge demand for applied mathematics tuition but a shortage of good mathematics tutors.One of the delightful characteristics of youth is to put off unpleasant things.A thorough engineering tuition centres for btech vtuunderstanding of the underlying principles of chemistry, mathematics, and physics is very necessary in engineering.The whole foundation is laid upon it. Education in technical institutes providing btech/ courses and engineering mathematics tuition centres by far the best place to get it profoundly.
  • More ever lecturers assume that students coming to first sem  in engineering colleges know all fundamentals.But this is not a fact expect a few.In our competitive education system with the sole aim of getting 100% results in their 12th Std Board Exams schools ,online coaching,colleges and tutoring institutes do not teach the fundamentals properly.
  • Lecturers in technical colleges rush through the portions as if in a hurry and this has serious repercussions for the students in that they are unable to understand certain basic concepts in that short time frame.In order to complete the portions the students end up mugging up even subjects like mathematics without understanding the underlying basics.And to make it worse with a very poor foundation they are not able cope up with the higher studies within a much more lesser time frame(a semester of 4 months).So drives the need for better tuition in Bangalore creates difference.
  • Based on our research there is an indication that academic history is not the overriding factor in the student’s ability to learn the concepts and skills required.Only I.Q factor is not enough ,Motivation and hard work only makes up for part of the  intelligence factor.
  • Besides there is a dearth of Quality Counseling in many technical colleges in Bangalore..There is’nt any counsellor to provide the necessary guidance and support to the pupil.
  • Other main important factor is there is lack of good teachers and their teaching methods.Often the engineering classrooms are found to be places of boredom.The teacher is more interested in finishing the portions rather than understanding his/her students needs.Fails to make teaching an innovative, interesting and joyful experience.The teacher is in a position where he can do not only much good,but much harm.Each teacher seems to be an unrestrained individual, following his/her own way.
  • Students generally are not instructed at all adequately in good,sound , forcible, technical English. Also in country like India students come from different states where English taught as a second language in a very poor manner. Later in their professional career they struggle hard to cope up with the courses as all the manuscripts written and lectures delivered in English.In our MAME (Mudassir Academy of Mathematics and Engineering) engineering tuitions in Bangalore we give more importance to training in english and focus upon engineering students interpersonal and communication skills.A technical man is,an educated man. And if he unable to speak like one,suspicion is cast upon the entire range of his learning.It is absurd to state that many men who have graduated from any college cannot spell or write correctly.

There is no end for it.There is so much to comprehend and which needs to be seriously apprehended.Such that I can write a whole new book on this topic.But let me stop here.Finally there is a good tuition for engineering students in Bangalore.

Arrears/year back students don’t lose confidence

An Engineering students life has many ups and downs.Specially in case of VTU(Vishweshwaraiah Technical university).In reality it is the same case with students of RVCE,BMS,Dayanand sagar college of engineering and other deemed autonomous institutes.Especially btech students across colleges look drastically for engineering maths tuition centres in Bangalore.Worst are the VTU Maths 1/2/3/4 results percentage in many affiliated colleges.It is because of mathematics many pupil have left engineering studies.

Other  difficult subjects include Basic electronics,Basic Electrical engg.,Engg Mechanics,Fluid mechanics,Analog electronic circuits,Field theory,Basic thermodynamics,Structural engineering,ATD,Computer organization,Design of machine elements,Digital signal processing and more.In short the top branches including Electrical,Electronics & communication ,Mechanical,Civil,Computer science,Chemical etc have at least 6 subjects which the students are unable to cope up with and need special extra attention.

All I need to tell You Dear ones is that.It doesn’t have to be like this!!!!
For doing things in life, there is a hard way of doing something and an easy way.
Should a mid night fog settle upon any one of you.
Want to find some guidance.
Just give me a call or mail me.

In conclusion,me as a teacher and A True friend always.I am glad to take an opportunity to shed some rays of sense and sanity upon You.Since in my centre Iam getting overwhelming response from parents and students.It is my next project to start with online tuition classes vtu btech students.

In the first place do not disappoint the mother and father. Live up to what the neighbors expect of you, and graduate with honor.

“Be strong, we are not here to play, have hard work to do and loads to lift,to dream, to drift”.

By and large,I wish You ALL THE BEST IN YOUR ENDEAVOR.

Thanks for being on My page for mudassir sir’s engineering tuitions crash courses Bangalore bengaluru karnataka
GOD BLESS YOU and ………….. LOVE U All…………


  1. Gaana S

    One of the excellent tutorial for engineering maths..!
    Can easily pass by his teaching …!
    Thank you sir

    • Gopal

      Well said Mudassir Sir.A technical man needs to be an educated man.Truly mathematical education is the basis of a technical man.And its the bitter truth about the situation of mathematical education imparted to our young generations during their pre engineering years creates doubts and certainty of students failing in engineering mathematics subjects.


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Best place to study m2, cleared it after coming here. Sir is really friendly and helps you a lot. He never fears from teaching the same thing 3-4 times. for all those who are trying to clear this subject or any other engineering subject, You should come here. He can a make time and teach you in good flexible hours. Must visit.

Tejaswini Prakash

Student, Dayananada sagar college of engg.

Highly recommend for engineering maths
And electrical. Sir is very knowledgeable and intelligent who has a unique way of teaching. His classes are fun and if anyone has difficulty in any subjects you will be assured that you will understand the subject and score good marks

Vibhav Pamidi

Student, Dayananda engg college

I’m from BMSCE. I was having trouble clearing certain subjects. Joining this tution has helped me clear subjects easily and get a better understanding of the subjects and helped overcome certain hurdles. Would suggest anyone looking to get a good grasp on their subjects to look into this tution centre. Trust’s helpful.


Student, BMS college of engineering

I’ve been to Mudassir Sir to learn multiple subjects on Engineering Maths, Electricals and Electronics.
Very happy with his teaching. He is a friendly guy whose knowledge spans many fields.
Highly recommended.

Syed Samiuddin

Student, DSCE

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