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They call me POLYMATH.But my students call me Mudassir Sir.They love me and I love them too.From 15 years teaching students of engineering and mathematics has been more exhilarating.Each and every time after my class-gets over I feel additional energized.I never wanted to be a teacher but my affinity towards the beauty of mathematics lead me into this noble profession. Apart from being a teacher Iam an Electrical Engineer,Entrepreneur,Artist,Interior designer,Psychotherapist,Webmaster,Mathematician and Hypnotherapist.

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I strongly believe that for All of these polymathic qualities I possess have inculcated in me an extraordinary quality to go beyond the aspects of student thinking and traditional pedagogy.I am inquisitive about tackling difficult problems involved in engineering students academic and psychological behavior well being. I enjoy to challenge my students with difficult problems and I get more surprised when some brilliant minds challenge me with their questions.
I have considerable expertise teaching and mentoring students at both the undergraduate and graduate level.Engineering mathematics subjects are my total favorite.I have taught engineering maths not only for VTU university but also may other universities including Anna,Saurasthra,Gujrat technical university and even financial engineering for university of Berkely.The subjects that I have taught at the undergraduate level include MI,M2,M3,M4,Basic electrical engineering,basic Electronics,Advanced diploma mathematics for lateral entry,12th standard maths,electronic devices and circuits,Electronic measurement and instrumentation, and more.

My coaching class courses duration range from 2 weeks crash courses to one semester courses (4 months).Tutoring modules are one to one private,Small group batch ranging 10 -20 students and oversized classrooms.I even have good experience of online engineering tuition with smart technology. Based mostly on my many positive experiences and google reviews from my students and colleagues, I am assured in my ability to be an adept instructor irrespective of category size or medium, and to be an efficient mentor at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

I begin with the belief no two students are the same.Every student possesses unique capabilities that can be shared if they are given the proper guidance and support.Many students in Bangalore colleges face issues which need intervention.I challenge my students to share opinions with and to mentor each other. I encourage crucial thinking,brain- storming sessions, group comes, and cluster displays.I also expect to be challenged by my students an expectation I hope to communicate to the class timely. I encourage my students to raise queries, and I am easy about not having all of the answers. When I become stuck I ask for the input of my colleagues, my books, and therefore the endless array of resources that may be found on the Internet. When I next come back to the classroom, I share not solely the solution that I have found, however conjointly the method I went through to discover it. Above all else, I challenge my students to perceive that I am open to their thoughts, eager to hear their opinions, and thrilled to learn with and through them

Particularly the way the teacher has to teach can be predicated on what teaching methodology they use,their educational philosophy, their classroom’s size,the students mood of learning,the subject being taught and more important the a STEM (Science,Technology,Engineering,Mathematics) fundamentals.I incorporate cooperative learning to guide my scholars. Assessment involves informal and formal methods – tests, group projects, portfolios, and category participation. I care deeply regarding higher engineering education in Bangalore and across India, and I hope to contribute to its improvement through dedicated teaching and advising and demand counselling of future technical professionals. You will learn a lot of regarding me as a tutor by visiting my main home Teaching page.

Mudassir Shaikh  – The POLYMATH
B.E (E & E),DIP (P.L.C),M.S( Psychotherapy and counsellng.),C.A.F.E,B.A.M.S,DRRS,D.CHt.

LECTURER & TUTOR (Applied mathematics & Electronics Engg..)

  • Engineering Maths tuition
  • Civil Engineering tuition
  • Mechanical engineering tuition
  • Electrical engineering tuition
  • Electronic engineering tuition
  • Aeronautical engineering tuition
  • Computer science subject tuition
  • Information science engineering tuition
  • Telecommunication engineering tuition

Imp subjects: M1M2M3M4,Basic electrical,Basic electronics,Element s of mechanical engineering,Basic thermodynamics,ATD,Mechanics of machine(MOM),Fluid dynamics(FM),Structural engineering,Strength of materials(som),Electronic circuits,Microprocessors,JAVA,C programming.Cadd,Computer organization,Operation research,Microwave communication,Field Theory,Linear integrated circuits.

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