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Overcoming Challenges: Freshers’ Struggles with Engineering Mathematics

Engineering mathematics is a fundamental subject that forms the backbone of various engineering disciplines. However, many freshers find it challenging and often struggle to grasp its concepts. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this difficulty and suggest some strategies to overcome it.

1. Complex Concepts and Abstraction:
Engineering mathematics involves complex concepts and abstract theories that may be unfamiliar to freshers. The transition from school-level mathematics to engineering mathematics can be overwhelming. The use of symbols, equations, and mathematical notations can further complicate the learning process.

– Seek additional resources: Utilize textbooks, online tutorials, and video lectures to supplement your understanding. These resources often provide different perspectives and explanations that can help clarify difficult concepts.
– Engage in active learning: Instead of passively reading or listening, actively participate in problem-solving sessions, discussions, and group studies. This hands-on approach can enhance comprehension and retention.

2. Lack of Foundation:
Some freshers may lack a strong foundation in mathematics due to variations in educational backgrounds. Inadequate knowledge of basic concepts such as algebra, calculus, and trigonometry can hinder their progress in engineering mathematics.

– Review foundational topics: Allocate time to revise and strengthen your understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts. This can be done through self-study or by seeking help from professors, tutors, or senior students.
– Practice regularly: Consistent practice is key to mastering any subject. Solve a variety of problems, starting from basic to more complex ones, to build your problem-solving skills.

3. Limited Time and Overloaded Curriculum:
Engineering courses often have tight schedules, leaving limited time for in-depth understanding of each subject. The pressure to cover a vast curriculum can make it difficult for freshers to fully grasp the concepts of engineering mathematics.

– Time management: Prioritize your tasks and allocate specific time slots for studying mathematics. Breaking down the subject into smaller, manageable sections can make it less overwhelming.
– Seek help from professors and peers: Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from professors or fellow students. They can provide guidance, clarify doubts, and suggest effective study techniques.

4. Lack of Application Perspective:
Freshers may struggle with the abstract nature of engineering mathematics as they fail to see its practical applications. Without understanding the real-world relevance, it can be challenging to stay motivated and engaged.

– Connect theory with applications: Research and explore how engineering mathematics is applied in various engineering disciplines. Understanding the practical implications can enhance your interest and motivation.
– Seek practical examples: Look for real-life examples or case studies that demonstrate the application of mathematical concepts. This can help bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Engineering mathematics may pose initial challenges for freshers, but with the right approach and perseverance, it can be conquered. By utilizing additional resources, strengthening foundational knowledge, managing time effectively, and understanding the practical applications, freshers can overcome the difficulties and excel in this crucial subject. Remember, consistent effort and a positive mindset are key to success.

Studying Python Programming Language in Engineering BTECH Course: A Comprehensive Guide

Python is a high-level, interpreted, and general-purpose programming language that has become one of the most popular choices among engineers and students. It has a simple and easy-to-learn syntax and is known for its versatility and efficiency in handling large datasets, building web applications, and performing complex computations. In this article, we will explore the significance of studying Python programming language in the BTECH engineering course.

Why Study Python in BTECH Engineering Course?

  1. Versatility: Python is widely used in a range of industries, from finance and healthcare to education and entertainment, making it a versatile language to study. It can be used for multiple purposes, including data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, web development, and more.
  2. Career Opportunities: With the increasing demand for Python programmers, studying the language in the BTECH engineering course opens up a variety of career paths for students. They can pursue a career in software development, data science, machine learning, or artificial intelligence.
  3. Community Support: Python has a large and active community of developers who are constantly contributing to its development and improvement. The community provides support, resources, and tutorials to help students learn the language and develop their skills.
  4. Easy to Learn: Python has a simple and straightforward syntax that makes it easy to learn, even for those with no prior programming experience. The language is designed to be highly readable and its syntax is often described as “executable pseudocode.”
  5. Integration with Other Technologies: Python can be integrated with other technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, and TensorFlow, making it a valuable language for engineers to study. It also has a large number of libraries and frameworks that make it easier to perform complex tasks and simplify development.


In conclusion, studying Python programming language in the BTECH engineering course provides students with a range of benefits and opens up numerous career paths. With its versatility, ease of learning, and integration with other technologies, Python is a valuable language for engineers to study and master.

difficulties in understanding engineering mathematics for engineering students in indian universities

Engineering Mathematics is an essential subject for engineering students in India and around the world. It provides students with the mathematical foundation and skills necessary for solving engineering problems and making informed decisions. However, many students find it challenging to understand and apply Engineering Mathematics, which can be attributed to several reasons.

  1. Abstract Nature of the Subject: Engineering Mathematics deals with abstract concepts and mathematical theories, which can be difficult to grasp for students who are more comfortable with practical and concrete learning. The abstract nature of the subject can be overwhelming, and students may struggle to relate the theories to real-world engineering problems.
  2. Lack of Foundation in Mathematics: Many engineering students in India may not have a strong foundation in mathematics, especially in higher-level concepts like Calculus, Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra. This can make it difficult for them to keep up with the coursework and comprehend the mathematical theories and formulas used in Engineering Mathematics.
  3. Large Class Size: Engineering colleges in India have large class sizes, which can make it difficult for students to receive individual attention and clarification from their professors. This can be particularly challenging for students who are struggling with Engineering Mathematics and may need more assistance and guidance.
  4. Insufficient Practice: Engineering Mathematics requires a significant amount of practice, and students need to work through numerous problems to fully understand the concepts. Unfortunately, many students may not receive enough practice due to time constraints, lack of access to quality study materials, or insufficient opportunities to ask questions and receive feedback from their professors.
  5. Lack of Engagement: The traditional teaching method of Engineering Mathematics often involves lectures and rote memorization, which can be monotonous and disengaging for students. This can result in a lack of motivation and interest in the subject, making it even more challenging for students to grasp the concepts and retain information.

In conclusion, Engineering Mathematics can be a challenging subject for engineering students in India, but it is essential for their success in the field. To overcome these difficulties, students can seek individual tutoring, participate in study groups, and engage in independent study and problem-solving. Additionally, universities can implement interactive and hands-on teaching methods to improve students’ understanding and engagement with the subject.

How do we learn..the psychology of learning

An about learning theory for engineering students

The world does not pay for a person who knows.
But it pays for what a person does with what he knows — laurence lee

Now to know something and make a living out of it we need to learn that thing.We meet and see so many people around us.Some learn to become failures and sum learn nothing but are highly successful in life..They make multi millionaires .
But how do we learn?

There are many theories in psychology on learning methods such as Piaget’s Developmental Theory ,Constructivism ,Right Brain/Left Brain Thinking,Brain-Based Learning ,Multiple Intelligences,Neuroscience,Observational Learning,Behaviorism etc.. Let us discuss them later in detail ,but first let us see the basics of learning styles.. We all are empty vessels which need to be filled.We all learn in different ways..

There are basically three different type of learners.

Visual learners(video learners)
Visual learners learn best what they see in pictures,maps,diagram,films ,flow charts etc.“Show me i”ll understand”.They like colors and fashion and needs quiet study time. So if you are a visual learner try to find sketches,photographs,videos,C.D’s or any visual representation of the course material you want to study.

Verbal learners(Audio learners)
Verbal learners get more out of words–written and spoken explanations.They enjoy music and can’t keep quiet for long periods..Our traditional teaching style is based upon this style.The teacher teaches and students listen. So if you are a verbal learner working in groups can be effective.You can gain understanding by hearing your classmates explain.Many females continue as audio learners.

Kinesthetic learners (action learners)
Kinesthetic learners learn best by doing or experiencing.They acquire information fastest when participating in a drama presentation, science lab, dance, or other active activity.They like martial arts,good at sportss and takes breaks while studying. Many males maintain their kinesthetic abilities through out their lives.Some kinesthetic learners have a hard time sitting in the classroom.In our present education system ,It often becomes very difficult to address the needs of kinesthetic learners.

It is interesting to note that throughout the educational process students enter through different arenas…normally as children we enter as kinesthetic learners ,but in the third or fourth year we tend to adapt ourselves to the visual learning. Many learners use both their audio and video abilities.But good learners are capable of processing the information presented in all the three styles.

Although this is a general and a simple model of learning styles..but it may vary from types of education and education levels..and form the most advanced learning styles which I would be discussing later.. Also in one of the lectures I heard of the interrelation of the above styles with sleeping pattern. or how we sleep.

Audio learners often talk while they are fast asleep.

Video learners exhibit facial expressions like smiling and certain emotions.

While kinesthetic learners tend to move their their body parts..

So the next time before going to bed don’t forget to ask your mom to note down your sleeping pattern….It may help you know what learner you really are…

By Mudassir Sir (MAME)

best engineering tuitions in Bangalore-Requisites

access the best engineering tuitions in bangalore

Requisites of the best engineering tuitions in Bangalore

This is the right time to be with the best engineering tuitions in Bangalore when you struggle with your engineering studies and academics. Come explore technical education @ MAME. It’s never too late

Searching for the best engineering tuitions in Bangalore has always being painstaking

It is not about the accessibility of tuition centres but about the appropriate spot which can solve the parents distress and facilitate the students get through their back subjects and arrears.Students by themselves often make mistakes by joining over crowded coaching rooms and after being unable to pass ask guidance from their parents to chose the best.

By this time you might have read all the advertisement flyers,news paper ads,contacted your friends or relatives or the first most thing any body has to do i.e: googled around for b.e/BB.TECH tutorials.Read hundreds of reviews about different institutions and have finally come to an conclusion.After hours of research about cost,experience ,qualification ,ratings etc you should have been by now come to some conclusion as to which tuition centre your child should attend.

But do you think that is adequate? What other things should you consider before taking informed descision ?Is my selection worth the time and money invested on my child? If again you need some more time then find the essential factors to help you through:

1.Size of the group/batch in a classroom
This is the first most factor to be taken into account.A coaching classroom comprising of 50 -100 students makes no sense when compared to a more frustrated college class . In a batch of maximum say 10-20 pupil it can be more adaptable to understand the subject matter and clear doubts with the tutor.Also there happens to be an effective learning environment with questionnaire and peer to peer discussions about more tough engineering mathematical problems.

2. Your budget tuition centres charge differently depending upon group classes,one to one individual coaching or online tuitions.If the batch is smaller in size then obviously for the quality of education offered the tuition fees will be little bit higher than those taking huge batches.Again it depends on the ranking and popularity of tutor .If the tutor is very famous and well-reviewed by both parents and students ,then he/she may have their own level of charges.
Keep it straight and simple .Pay a little more to get the best for your kid instead of paying less for a substandard tutoring service.Also dont neglect the tuition centres.

3.The distance of tutoring centre
Walk from your home and check the distance. If it is near your residence and well rated then just go for it.Google maps makes it easier to get the exact location and distance from your place.Good tuition centres are very difficult to find .It is a good advice if possible to manage your preferences and see if you can make it happen to get the required guidance. Bangalore has metro facilities which can help you travel faster avoiding the demonic traffic.

4.Skill and knowledge of centre faculty
Experiences of a tutor plays a vital role in impartment of education with student full involvement I the class.Since we are dealing with the pedagogy of technical education in India ,A lecturer need not have any NTT training as such required for CBSE,IBSE OR NCERT boards.The students attending these tuition centres are grown ups and need a energetic person who can make the class room more interesting.Ascertain more about the tutors.Find out how many years of experience the have teaching engineeing students?What supplementary qualifications they possess which can be valuable to students? Better to have one or two trail sessions and depending upon your childs feedback you can take your descision.

5.Understand the needs of students
Most engineering students who are enrolled in tuition centres in bangalore belong to either VTU(Visshweshwaraiah technical university) or autonomous colleges such as RVCE,BMS,PES,MSRIT etc.They commonly have one tension about clearing their back subjects.Especially with dreadful subjects such as engineering maths2,field theory,digital signal processing,basic electrical electronic,Basic thermodynamics,ATD,Fluid mechanics,structural engineering to name a few. Such students are distressed and have self doubt with their learning competences.A eminent teacher is very engaging and formulates a substantial accord with students understanding their academic and psychological needs.

6.Class timings and schedule
As you know about the Btech syllabus in Karnataka and their guidelines set by AICTE.You are also aware or you are undergoing a year back system proposed on engineering students failing 4 or more subjects.Due to this the engineering batches can be divided for morning sessions(For year back) ,afternoon session (For autonomous colleges or if college leaves off early) ,evening (for regular students) and weekend batches( for students with strict college timings or those staying far)
While most of the coaching institutes offer only regular evening classes and weekend classes,but some tuition centres such as MAME(Mudassir Academy of Maths & Engineering) offer morning batches also.
Note that for higher BE/B.Tech studies at-least a calss duration of 1.5 to 2 hours is a must. to conceptualize and realize.

Mathematics in engineering studies and its importance

After all Why we engineering students study mathematics in engineering Btech courses

We Indian engineers are known and employed world over for our logical and analytical thinking.The only reason behind this is that we study more applied maths in our 4 years course than others do.

To narrate the purpose of mathematics in engineering pedagogy and in the formation of engineers one need to delve into what is applied mathematics?A peek into our textbooks Engineering mathematics constitutes solving differential equations,partial differentiation,use of Laplace and Fourier transforms,geodesics,approximation of errors,taylors,maclaurins ,Legendre,Cauchy series,study of complex variables,Numerical analysis,use of trigonometry, statistics and probability.the need of maths in engineering subjects

I see majority of students joining engineering colleges are unaware of the mathematical difficulties involved in subjects they will study for four years .Sad to see lately,when they realize their low basic math abilities and drop their studies. Based on my personal teaching experience I say 1 out of 10 student discontinue engineering strictly due to maths. That doesn’t mean maths is so difficult,but to do engineering one need to know maths and do the maths.
You open any engineering textbook you find equations and derivations.Might be it electrical,Mechanical,Electronics,Civil, engineering etc.

Is maths worth studying for a future engineer?

Generally engineers study mathematics in their curriculum to be able to develop mathematical models of physical systems to understand and analyse the behavior of the systems and use their investigation to build equipment’s and tools to perform the tasks.That means Engineering by is itself is a science that depends on empirical formulas. Formulas that have been developed to best match the speculation of design and take a look at results.

The basis of any engineering is mathematics and without it engineering won’t exist.

Now a days engineers deal with more complicated systems and designs.

If you agree that that we are creations of god.The science is also created by god.We as human beings are rationally and analytically designed by the creator to ccreate our own designs .These designs are by our will be be accepted working when all the by trial and error(probabilities).,the mathematical computations are satisfied.

Although computers make every mathematical calculation simpler but to program it one need to know the essential principles to get the desired results. Arithmetic and algebra is the foundation of computer science engineering. Thats what engineering students learns a subject called as digital logic. Simple concepts like AND,OR , NOT EXOR logics are transferred from theses arithmetic functions.Mechanical basics start with straightforward one dimensional problems including manipulations with vectors, like summation and subtraction.

Calculus is one such are which is encountered in an engineering career.It consists of integration and differentiaition.Calculus deals with changes w.r.t a change. Everything in this world changes.For an electrical engineering it can be change in voltage,current, power etc.For a mechanical engineering it can be change in stress,strain,efficiency,torque,thermal variation etc.In chemical its about processes and reactions.

Engineering students involve to have this explicated to them how come cognition of mathematics is indispensable for their prospective pragmatic work and career. Mathematics is a linguistic communication betweeen physical, chemical and engineering jurisprudences. Exact results of derivatives can be substituted by agreeing that a specific function fulfills this equation.

Mathematics is Consecrated as the nuclear substance to innovative society and is imperatively epochal for occupational potentials and accomplishments of the students.

SEM exam stress in engineering students

Btech exam stress among Bangalore engineering students

The exam stress disorder is now a days most common amongst VTU students in Karnataka.Although how much engineering coaching classes they attend in bangalore or personal tutoring they take ,they finally at the end of semester end students develop an imaginary fear of recollection.They undergo a sort term anamnesis when they see the question paper.

The stipulated time allotted for completion of each semester and the year back system introduced has lead to procrastination’s among students as what to study?

How to study?A self-developed fear whether semester question paper will be easy or not? overcome exam tension
How will I write the exam?
Will I be able to pass or get arrear.
How will I face my parents?
Such various generated thought processes involved in exam anxiety usually include negative predictions regarding performance or the physical sensations being experienced.

The downside is that for most individuals all this happens by likelihood.The engineering student mind unlike other peers also wanders and pupil starts to feel anxious and nervous.The sentiments just happen all in blue and they cannot be controlled in either way.Its nature of all students and absolutely normal..A sure amount of exam anxiety keeps us energized, motivated, alert, and targeted.But an excessive amount of compulsive anxiety can interfere with exam performance by blocking our recall or thinking talents, by fostering negative frames of mind, or even by promoting panic reactions which are quite troublesome. Some people even if they know the answers are forced to come out of their halls leaving answer script blank.

What do BE students need to do to overcome stress?

Under the stress of examinations, students typically neglect their health. It’s a common belief that so as to cope with the least passing marks or to achieve higher grades students of Btech courses often cram all night before the exam day. It becomes then a necessary to develop temporary changes  and sacrifices in usual lifestyle. This includes not creating time to organize and eat correct food at time, not sticking to usual exercise routines and leisure activities and altering sleeping patterns.It is at this phase that many students struggling to clear their papers and arrears fall into smoking, drugs and tobacco to relieve stress. As a result, many students realize that they become week and often exhausted.

Do your analysis of the examination in advance. What varieties of queries can you expect on the exam? When and where will the exam happen and how many days left for preparation. How much time will you have got to jot down the exam,and what materials you’ll use in the exam? With final exams, determine what your term mark is going into the exam.If  you have low internal marks, you need to prepare extra..Begin by answering the queries you recognize- this will build your confidence.

Preparation before the exam will additionally result in exam anxiety. If you don’t apprehend the topic well, it’s natural that you suffer later.

Set a study schedule and jolt it down on a piece of paper or notice board.Counseling and Psychological studies shows that it helps to study in forty-five minute blocks with ten-fifteen minute breaks.If you examine the topics coated on your check and start to worry that you just haven’t mastered those topics, initial take a deep breath and remember that worrying is not going to do any smart. Remember that you’re not expected to answer every question properly to pass the test.

But always remember .This is not the Btech dead end.You will have a chance to sit an exam once more.

Studying with bad company of friends is bad. Do not let friends wind you up. Talking folks who perceive and share the stress your beneath can be helpful, however comparing revision notes and subject knowledge never is, and can leave you feeling like you haven’t done enough.

Look up the exam venue before the day and try it out to create positive you know where to go.•Work out how your brain best retains data.Do you wish to put in writing notes? Do you would like to concentrate to lectures? Do you would like to draw mind maps or use Plan it slow throughout the exam.

Organize some time efficiently – work on the easier portions of the exam initial ? Say three modules perfectly.This will increase confidence and cut back anxiety – Check in your library, nearby book stores or with seniors for previous year exam papers or downloads. Pace yourself with that past exam papers or get from MAME forum. Study under exam conditions to prepare you to answer with three hours.A necessary facet of preparing adequately for exams is having good time management skills.

If you expertise a mental block during an exam , pause, take some deep breaths and write anyways. Jot down whatever you know about the question . You will be stunned by the information you’ve gained throughout the term (and, you may receive partial marks for your answer ).

Live a healthy life vogue with a balanced diet. Avoid an excessive amount of alcohol and caffeine. Make sure you prioritize getting enough sleep.Learning to manage exam anxiety will have a range of positive effects as well as;-Improved academic performance-Reduction in stress and distress-Increased sense of control/sense of mastery/confidence-Decreased frustration.Keep a sense of perspective.There can be life once exams, and there’ll come back a time when

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Engineering maths 2 the major Btech arrear-MAME engineering tuition

Why so much pain with passing M2 and the run for engineering maths 2 tutorials?

The million dollar question is here:How to pass engineering mathematics2??
Lets take into account the aftermath of only Bangalore BE colleges(VTU or autonomous).Every semester I get hundreds of students calling for M2 tuition classes or crash courses.The fate about overall Karnataka M2 pass percentage can be just imagined.Many of the pupil pursuing B.Tech courses have m2 as an arrear and critical subject.Many more have sustained multiple year backs because of engineering mathematics 2.Worried about their wards future even parents seek urgent assistance regarding this matter.

These engineering students have lost their hope of clearing the matter.This lead many to lose their self confidence levels and interest in further studies.Distressed with their ill fate they often come for counselling theraphy. According ti AICTE guidelines, Not even with a single arrear you cannot think of making pathway to the 4 year technical courses.Now parent are being more worried than their kids and they search helplessly to find good engineering maths 2 coaching centres in Bangalore.

Now its the right time to get out of your unrealistic assumptions of passing all by Yourself. And again spending those stressful days and nights waiting for the same old result to arrive or for writing next semester exams hoping to pass this time atleast.Think of someone who can practically help you to get out of this situation.Your parents,relatives ,lecturers or a good applied maths tutor in your area.

What’s Next ?Why this happens?How to Get over this Btech Maths 2 nightmare?

Engineering mathematics 2 has major topics such as differential equations of higher order, Higher integral applications, Laplace transforms and others. These all topics contain differentiation and integration which is pure applied maths.Those who have accomplished basic perfection in differentiation and integration in second year PUC (12th standard ) or CBSE,ICSE board have no difficulty in understanding the concepts well and they clear it easily. Other need some extra help in form of engineering mathematics 2 tuition in matsh 2 tuition bangalore

The question is,Is the M2 that arduous? That’s right down to how well you perceive it and how current your basic applied maths skills are.You will say that you must be willing to put a heap of your time into though as most subjects require a sensible knowledge of mathematics, not simply the maths courses you may be sitting in the lecture hall and blindly shaking your heads. Technical applied maths is way from simple high school maths but if you place the work in there’s no reason you will have any trouble clearing it.

Work on your math skills of integral and differential calculus if you actually wish to clear M2 and be an BTECH engineer. Remember that getting right answer in semester exam are built from regular maths problems practice. Get the right material and right engineering maths teacher or approach tuition classes for engineering maths 2 in Bangalore. Do not just learn or cram enough for the check but learn the rationally to get exact answers to pass maths 2 exam. If you can follow that, then you will probably be alright. If you are struggling, then you’ll struggle in engineering while not having the maths grounding that a foundation year would offer you. If u have any difficulties in maths then u will also consult some good video lecture or vtu engineering mathematics 2 online classes.

Remember At MAME we have students with M2 back and internal marks as low as 2.They have been easily able to score in 80’s and 90’s in final sand easily clear the paper. They have raised their confidence and are qualified engineers now.

When students prefer to go for engineering tuitions ?

When students prefer to go for engineering tuitions ?

Do engineering students really need to go to engineering tuition centres?If yes then when and where they should be moving? In metros like Bangalore more than 50% students would have once in 4 years attended engineering tuition classes either personal or group.why btech engineering tuition

Generally all students make mistakes in choosing what to learn and how to learn. Many pupil come to engineering college without having in hand experience of what subject difficulty may be and how to cope with it.Nowadays entering into a course is possible even for those who have 45%(PCM).Due to this many candidates having learning difficulties prefer to pursue engineering.

Getting year back during first year of engineering is a nightmare. Specially in case of VTU(Vishweshwaraiah Technical University).The students result expectations are beyond the unexpected. The university regulation system has been so set that arrears in more than 4 subjects in 1st year gives you a unrewarding year back.Further more it becomes more worse when students are not allowed to enter 5th sem with even a single YB in first year.Poor work habits,Laziness,lack of concentration in classrooms, bad company, low internal marks, lack of basic mathematical knowledge and smartphones has spoiled engineering students life. Parents now need to spend more on engineering tuitions.

Special preference for attending special engineering coaching classes in Bangalore happens mainly in two cases.

In the first case parents are very proud of their kids pursuing Btech course.They know how difficult the engineering academic route is.They want them to succeed and understand technology. Now due to lack of proper faculty or basics he/she is unable to perform in the first internals itself. Since such parents are focused on money spent and child’s career.They start searching for engineering tuition to prevent further risks.

In the second case the parents know very little about importance of internal and how things work in engineering colleges. They are too confident about their kids. Even after low internal marks they assume that their children will perform well in external sem exams. But this normally doesn’t happen. At the end the students gets arrears or a mind-blowing yearback.

Tutoring centres provide structured learning which can be reinforced to obtain long term achievement.

A tutor or a coaching institution will not invite or force the students ,rather the engineering students finding difficulty need to counsel with their friends or google the internet for engineering tuitions.

So which are the best engineering tuition in Bangalore find it out yourself.Also ask what you prefer to go in huge group classes (100-150) students.Or you prefer small batches(10 -30) students.Or you prefer one-to-one personal coaching.It’s all up-to you to decide and learn.