MAME online engineering coaching TAILORED FOR YOUR COURSE

The best Tutorials for engineering have changed their mode for your benefit. MAME online engineering coaching classes is the solution for the present and beginning of the new phase of engineering education.

Online engineering coaching classes in Bangalore

Why fear CORONA.Our classroom shutters might be locked. But we are here always with you alongside assisting your BTech education.
With the innovative MAME online engineering coaching classes into action. Online tutoring for engineering students can be more fun and productive than you ever imagined.

COVID 19 has changed the way we live, think, eat, travel,, meet, and learn.

The traditional classroom teaching has almost come to an end or on the verge of distinction due to the series of lockdown.  The government is paralyzed to take correct decisions and engineering colleges across India with lakhs of students have gone far away from their exam dates and syllabus. 

Talking about Karnataka ,Engineering Students from the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU),have been  dumbstruck about the possibilities of clearing semester.With colleges shut midway between regular classes because of current  COVID 19 pandemic, the both graduate and undergraduate students have had terribly tough time understanding of the subjects.

They have requested the vice-chancellor and also filed severeal  petitions to promote vtu students without conducting exams for the current semester.

Although many VTU colleges are conducting online engineering classes but  has not been successful as par with regular mode.Internet Connectivity in India is the top reason contributing to this.The other issue being the correct knowledge and lack of colleges and lecturers of facilitating online classes successively. Few have adopted but for many, it has become difficult to adopt the new mode of learning.

In view of the above matter of serious pedagogical concern. MAME engineering academy has come out with a robust solution of conducting online engineering coaching classes in Bangalore for VTU and other colleges like BMS,RV,PES etc. 
The courses will be conducted witj either ZOOM, SKYPE or GOOGLE CLASSROOM which ever convenient. They can be either one to one or small group classes. Our classes are tailored to match at least 80 % with the conventional classroom model.The engineering tuitions online will be conducted by trained experts lectures having experience delivering content online.

At present we are offering mainly VTU online engineering tutorials classes in Bangalore. Calls fro caried syllabus of other enginering colleges across India are welcome.

Advanced Engineering mathematics tuition online(VTU,other deemed universities like VTU ,BMS,RV PES etc)
Calculus and Linear Algebra
Advanced calculus and numerical methods
Complex Analysis, Probability and Statistical methods
Basic electrical engineering online coaching classes
Basic electronics 
Elements of civil engineering online tutorial classes
Mechanical subjects like Design of machine elemnts 1 2 ,Fluid mechanics,Basic THERMODYNAMICS,Strenth of materials
Data structures,Analysis and design algorithm,Java programming and others 

 It’s an opportunity for us to change the teaching model for academic engineering to education system and your opportunity to benefit from us. Engineering coaching classes online are the need of the hour cutting your travel cost, maintaining  100 % social distance and the best st6udy material delivered online.