Contact Number: 9980603787
Alternate Contact Number: 8187836766

Iam interested in : Group Tutoring, Home Tutoring, Online Tutoring
Languages Known: English, Telugu
Your Age: 27
Tell us about your Qualifications with year of passing and university: I have completed Post graduation in Civil Engineering at IIT Bombay
Your Preferred Locations in Bangalore: Yeshwantpur, Malleswaram, Mathekere, IISC
Why do you want to be an Engineering subject tutor?: I,m interested to help students 
How many years Teaching experience do you have : 3

Which Engineering subjects can you teach:
All Civil Engineering subjects

Tutoring charges per hour in Rupees: 1000
Tutoring charges per Subject(Package): 25000
What do you feel are the difficulties that students experience in the courses you wish to tutor?/And How can you help them Pass?: To understand Civil Engineering subjects like Fluid Mechanics one has to be good at calculus, I wish to brush their fundamentals in calculus and mechanics then it will help to understand engineering subjects