Dr K Madhukar

Contact Number: 9844433847
Alternate Contact Number: 8105404967

Iam interested in : Group Tutoring, Home Tutoring, Online Tutoring
Languages Known: English, Kannada, Hindi, Telugu
Your Age: 38

Tell us about your Qualifications: PhD (Mathematics)
Your Preferred Locations in Bangalore: Jayanagar, Koramangala, Shanti nagar, Gandhi Bazaar, Basavanagudi and near by areas
Why do you want to be an Engineering subject tutor?: I am Faculty in a college and frankly speaking I need to make additional income for myself
How many years Teaching experience do you have : 8 yrs
Which Engineering subjects can you teach:
Engineering Mathematics
Advanced Mathematics
Mathematics for MSc, Mphil also

Tutoring charges per hour in Rupees: Rs. 500 to Rs 800 /hr
Tutoring charges per Subject(Package): Rs. 10000/-

What do you feel are the difficulties that students experience in the courses you wish to tutor?/And How can you help them Pass?: Having interest in the subject is very important for any student is to have interest in the subject. The most difficult task for a teacher, is to inculcate interest in the subject. I have been good at that. I have been inculcating interest in the subject I have been teaching to my students