importance of engineering education

What is true importance of engineering education?

The major Key to the nations prosperity and security during a international,knowledge-driven economy can be its leadership in technology and innovation.Only the best engineering education and educators can produce next generation Einsteins.The true importance in engineering education can be measured from the changes we have seen globally.From Past years the world has faced indefinite challenges,diseases,energy crisis,development,climatic and other problems which needed some methods of solution and has being in some manner resolved by engineering resource involvement.In other words engineers secure the faith of growing economy.Thus the future may need highly sophisticated force having mastery over all disciplines of science ,mathematics and dramatically changing technology.This demands for skilled life training to engineering students in all universities.

A booming growth in the number of technical institutions has led to particularly acute issues and concerns for the engineering sector, where colleges are struggling to hire adequately qualified faculty, graduates are failing to find employment and regulators are under pressure to improve standards.India needs to reinvent its technical/engineering education system.Recently,we have a tendency to have witnessed a significant shift in customer relationship and business methods of company houses. Proficient dexterity is at speed changing into product that will be bought for low price from different countries like china.In this gift scenario it isn’t of any importance what you recognize or how abundant you can do it.But at what least expensive doable cost you’ll do it.

The engineering education in America,UK,France,Russia ,Germany,Singapore is Far more advanced and practical oriented than that compared to India universities.Developing basic technical skills is  just like a commodity worldwide.Graduated engineers should be prove their worthiness by demonstrating innovative,result oriented and conceptual solutions which can be universally recognizes and demanded.Nowadays only good scores or creativity is not enough to sustain the techno entrepreneurial explosion.You need ably trained to carry out much broader multidisciplinary parallel processes and valid results.Engineers should be efficient, taking into consideration construction prices, time, and also the safety and well being of ecosystem and population.

There is a huge gap between getting into engineering and turning out into an engineer.You mind and hand both to be in action.As a problem solver and an innovator.You should be bale to think,able to communicate ,and able to create.

Civil engineers have one of the globe’s greatest jobs: they build the quality of life. With technical and artistic skills, the civil engineers set up, design, construct and operate the infrastructure needed to fashionable civilization, ranging from highways and bridges to water treatment sewage plants and energy economical buildings.Civil engineers are responsible for building sensible quality transportation systems like highways, airports, rail lines, ocean ports, etc. A civil engineer is concerned with determining the proper style for these structures and looking once the construction process thus that the longevity of these structures is guaranteed once completion.These structures should additionally be satisfactory for the general public in terms of comfort.In fact, no sphere of life might be identified that doesn’t include the contribution of civil engineering.Civil engineers are usually confronted with complex problems and should be able to spot the foremost reasonable approach in managing them, in addition to effectively and accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of doable solutions.

We don’t breath we die.What would happen if we have no electricity.Electrical engineering solutions surrounds us everywhere in fashionable society. The electrical engineer provides us with the flexibility to harness electricity which has reworked our lives. Electrical engineering includes disciplines like power engineering,management engineering,network engineering,supervisory control and data acquisition ,robotics,communication engineering,control system engineering etc.To do this, electrical engineers are responsible for research and design of computers,generators,motors,transmission equipment,navigation systems,wiring and lighting,electronic devices, communication systems, test equipment, electrical power networks, and improve systems through downside solving techniques.They also required in manufacturing of aeronautical equipment ,audio engineering,satellite design and cars tronics.  A smart electrical engineer plays a very important role in creating sure that the project is safe, energy economical and sustainable.

The development of specialized machines and their maintenance tools throughout the commercial revolution led to the speedy growth of Mechanical Engineering . That’s as a result of mechanical engineering careers center on creating technologies to satisfy human desires. Virtually every product or service in trendy life has probably been touched in some method by a mechanical engineer to help humankind. Technology itself has additionally formed how mechanical engineers work and also the suite of tools has grown quite powerful in recent decades.Mechanical engineers use tools such as fluid dynamics,computer aided designs long with component analysis.Producing is a crucial step in mechanical engineering. Inside the sphere, researchers investigate the best processes to form producing additional economical.


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Imp subjects: M1M2M3M4,Basic electrical,Basic electronics,Element s of mechanical engineering,Basic thermodynamics,ATD,Mechanics of machine(MOM),Fluid dynamics(FM),Structural engineering,Strength of materials(som),Electronic circuits,Microprocessors,JAVA,C programming.Cadd,Computer organization,Operation research,Microwave communication,Field Theory,Linear integrated circuits.


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