Btech exam stress among Bangalore engineering students

The exam stress disorder is now a days most common amongst VTU students in Karnataka.Although how much engineering coaching classes they attend in bangalore or personal tutoring they take ,they finally at the end of semester end students develop an imaginary fear of recollection.They undergo a sort term anamnesis when they see the question paper.

The stipulated time allotted for completion of each semester and the year back system introduced has lead to procrastination’s among students as what to study?

How to study?A self-developed fear whether semester question paper will be easy or not? overcome exam tension
How will I write the exam?
Will I be able to pass or get arrear.
How will I face my parents?
Such various generated thought processes involved in exam anxiety usually include negative predictions regarding performance or the physical sensations being experienced.

The downside is that for most individuals all this happens by likelihood.The engineering student mind unlike other peers also wanders and pupil starts to feel anxious and nervous.The sentiments just happen all in blue and they cannot be controlled in either way.Its nature of all students and absolutely normal..A sure amount of exam anxiety keeps us energized, motivated, alert, and targeted.But an excessive amount of compulsive anxiety can interfere with exam performance by blocking our recall or thinking talents, by fostering negative frames of mind, or even by promoting panic reactions which are quite troublesome. Some people even if they know the answers are forced to come out of their halls leaving answer script blank.

What do BE students need to do to overcome stress?

Under the stress of examinations, students typically neglect their health. It’s a common belief that so as to cope with the least passing marks or to achieve higher grades students of Btech courses often cram all night before the exam day. It becomes then a necessary to develop temporary changes  and sacrifices in usual lifestyle. This includes not creating time to organize and eat correct food at time, not sticking to usual exercise routines and leisure activities and altering sleeping patterns.It is at this phase that many students struggling to clear their papers and arrears fall into smoking, drugs and tobacco to relieve stress. As a result, many students realize that they become week and often exhausted.

Do your analysis of the examination in advance. What varieties of queries can you expect on the exam? When and where will the exam happen and how many days left for preparation. How much time will you have got to jot down the exam,and what materials you’ll use in the exam? With final exams, determine what your term mark is going into the exam.If  you have low internal marks, you need to prepare extra..Begin by answering the queries you recognize- this will build your confidence.

Preparation before the exam will additionally result in exam anxiety. If you don’t apprehend the topic well, it’s natural that you suffer later.

Set a study schedule and jolt it down on a piece of paper or notice board.Counseling and Psychological studies shows that it helps to study in forty-five minute blocks with ten-fifteen minute breaks.If you examine the topics coated on your check and start to worry that you just haven’t mastered those topics, initial take a deep breath and remember that worrying is not going to do any smart. Remember that you’re not expected to answer every question properly to pass the test.

But always remember .This is not the Btech dead end.You will have a chance to sit an exam once more.

Studying with bad company of friends is bad. Do not let friends wind you up. Talking folks who perceive and share the stress your beneath can be helpful, however comparing revision notes and subject knowledge never is, and can leave you feeling like you haven’t done enough.

Look up the exam venue before the day and try it out to create positive you know where to go.•Work out how your brain best retains data.Do you wish to put in writing notes? Do you would like to concentrate to lectures? Do you would like to draw mind maps or use Plan it slow throughout the exam.

Organize some time efficiently – work on the easier portions of the exam initial ? Say three modules perfectly.This will increase confidence and cut back anxiety – Check in your library, nearby book stores or with seniors for previous year exam papers or downloads. Pace yourself with that past exam papers or get from MAME forum. Study under exam conditions to prepare you to answer with three hours.A necessary facet of preparing adequately for exams is having good time management skills.

If you expertise a mental block during an exam , pause, take some deep breaths and write anyways. Jot down whatever you know about the question . You will be stunned by the information you’ve gained throughout the term (and, you may receive partial marks for your answer ).

Live a healthy life vogue with a balanced diet. Avoid an excessive amount of alcohol and caffeine. Make sure you prioritize getting enough sleep.Learning to manage exam anxiety will have a range of positive effects as well as;-Improved academic performance-Reduction in stress and distress-Increased sense of control/sense of mastery/confidence-Decreased frustration.Keep a sense of perspective.There can be life once exams, and there’ll come back a time when

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