After all Why we engineering students study mathematics in engineering Btech courses

We Indian engineers are known and employed world over for our logical and analytical thinking.The only reason behind this is that we study more applied maths in our 4 years course than others do.

To narrate the purpose of mathematics in engineering pedagogy and in the formation of engineers one need to delve into what is applied mathematics?A peek into our textbooks Engineering mathematics constitutes solving differential equations,partial differentiation,use of Laplace and Fourier transforms,geodesics,approximation of errors,taylors,maclaurins ,Legendre,Cauchy series,study of complex variables,Numerical analysis,use of trigonometry, statistics and probability.the need of maths in engineering subjects

I see majority of students joining engineering colleges are unaware of the mathematical difficulties involved in subjects they will study for four years .Sad to see lately,when they realize their low basic math abilities and drop their studies. Based on my personal teaching experience I say 1 out of 10 student discontinue engineering strictly due to maths. That doesn’t mean maths is so difficult,but to do engineering one need to know maths and do the maths.
You open any engineering textbook you find equations and derivations.Might be it electrical,Mechanical,Electronics,Civil, engineering etc.

Is maths worth studying for a future engineer?

Generally engineers study mathematics in their curriculum to be able to develop mathematical models of physical systems to understand and analyse the behavior of the systems and use their investigation to build equipment’s and tools to perform the tasks.That means Engineering by is itself is a science that depends on empirical formulas. Formulas that have been developed to best match the speculation of design and take a look at results.

The basis of any engineering is mathematics and without it engineering won’t exist.

Now a days engineers deal with more complicated systems and designs.

If you agree that that we are creations of god.The science is also created by god.We as human beings are rationally and analytically designed by the creator to ccreate our own designs .These designs are by our will be be accepted working when all the by trial and error(probabilities).,the mathematical computations are satisfied.

Although computers make every mathematical calculation simpler but to program it one need to know the essential principles to get the desired results. Arithmetic and algebra is the foundation of computer science engineering. Thats what engineering students learns a subject called as digital logic. Simple concepts like AND,OR , NOT EXOR logics are transferred from theses arithmetic functions.Mechanical basics start with straightforward one dimensional problems including manipulations with vectors, like summation and subtraction.

Calculus is one such are which is encountered in an engineering career.It consists of integration and differentiaition.Calculus deals with changes w.r.t a change. Everything in this world changes.For an electrical engineering it can be change in voltage,current, power etc.For a mechanical engineering it can be change in stress,strain,efficiency,torque,thermal variation etc.In chemical its about processes and reactions.

Engineering students involve to have this explicated to them how come cognition of mathematics is indispensable for their prospective pragmatic work and career. Mathematics is a linguistic communication betweeen physical, chemical and engineering jurisprudences. Exact results of derivatives can be substituted by agreeing that a specific function fulfills this equation.

Mathematics is Consecrated as the nuclear substance to innovative society and is imperatively epochal for occupational potentials and accomplishments of the students.